Expovinos celebrates its first decade

This 2015 is expected to more than 30,000 visitors come to sample wines from around 80 exhibitors.

From July 29 to August 1, Corferias will host which is considered one of the most influential wine fairs in Latin America with more than 12 thousand square meters area to tour and 10 invited countries.

During this special edition of Expovinos they will be held 50 conferences with wine experts from both the old and the new world and Argentina has been chosen as the guest of honor.

Among the most recognized characters in the evolution of South American wine attending the fair are, Argentine Daniel Pi, winemaker of the giant winery Trapiche in Mendoza and Chile Aurelio Montes, owner of the famous vineyards Montes and one of the early visionaries who believed that Chile could make world-class wine.

Also featured will be the winegrower of the Argentina winery, Catena, and Jorge Luis Reginatto Riccitelli, chief winemaker of Norton wines in Mendoza.

In Colombia in 2013 they consumed a total of 15'405.315 liters of wine and that figure, which includes both sparkling wines and bulk amounted to 16'215.356 liters in 2014.