Bluedoors hotels recommended by Trip Advisor

Recently our hotel Continental All Suites was awarded recognition of excellence Trip Advisor 2015 for its high rate of positive feedback from users. For those wishing to stay in the heart of Bogota, Bluedoors Continental has managed to remain among the first and best lodging options.

Meanwhile, Celebrities Suites is currently ranked number 11th among the 25 most popular in Colombia hotels, for which he was awarded the merit "2015 Travelers's Choice - Trip Advisor 2015".

Similarly travelers form all over the world prefer to Blue Doors Jazz Apartments for your long stays and is why our luxurious apart suites opposite the Parque El Virrey have kept the certificate Trip Advisor excellence.

A Jazz Apartments would also recognizes good environmental management - the hotel is part of the program EcoLíderes Bronze Level Trip Advisor. sustainable practices such as recycling, low energy consumption and reusing towels are some of the factors that must meet an establishment to be an environmental leader.

our luxury hotel also stands in the field of environmental protection, 93 Luxury Suites , still a Ecolider Silver level while 104 Arts Suites <685 > , a unique and original bet suites boutique in the city, continues to maintain the recognition of excellence by the web portal.

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